Friday, November 16, 2012

Gender Reveal

On Thursday we had our "big" ultrasound. I was so hopeful to be able to find out the babies' genders. At both my 14 and 18 week doctor's appointment, my doctor performed ultrasounds and each time the baby on the right was turned in such a way that you couldn't tell. At 18 weeks we were 99% sure that Baby A (who is on the left) was a girl so I was eager to find out her twin's gender so we could tell everyone!

At this ultrasound, both the babies were laying across my stomach. Twin A was on her tummy nearer to the top. The ultrasound technician confirmed that she was indeed a she!

Twin B was more to the bottom and facing up so it looked like they were talking to each other. Thankfully she was compliant and we could tell quite easily that she was a she, too! She already behaves very different from her sister, however. While Twin A was calmly rubbing her hands over her head, Twin B was turning backflips it seemed. The ultrasound technician kept having to chase her around to get her measurements. No wonder I feel more movement on my right side!

Getting a picture of them together proved difficult because they were so wiggly and also because they're getting big (each girl weighed 12 ounces). Here's a somewhat blurry shot of them together, though. I pointed out their heads since it's a little hard to tell what's what.

We kept the secret the rest of the day then Thursday night we had somewhat of a gender reveal party to tell the kids and our friends. Jackie cooked a gigantic pot of chili (it's finally cold enough for it!) and we baked some potatoes and had corn dogs for the kids.

Everyone made their predictions. Keeleigh, Melissa, and Byron guessed correctly. No one guessed two boys! Most people thought girl/boy which is what I had thought all along.

After supper we gave each of the kids a cupcake. Keeleigh and Jathan got a Twin A cupcake and Ryland and Piper got a Twin B cupcake.

When they bit in they discovered pink filling indicating that they were getting two more sisters!

I'm so glad to have two healthy babies on the way and for the privilege of knowing their genders before birth so we can prepare. I've been scouring the Internet for baby names, cute bedding, and knitting project ideas. I can't wait to feel them grow in the coming months and to finally hold them in my arms! Children truly are such a blessing. = )

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  1. That's awesome- congratulations!!! Two girls will be so much fun!