Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Zoo Mobile

Today the Zoo Mobile came to campus! A friend (thanks Ashley!) watched Ryland and Piper for me so Jathan and I got to go, just the two of us. Plus, you know, the other 20 little kids. = )

Jathan loves animals and we'd just watched a Magic School Bus episode about reptiles so today's little field trip was such fun for us! We got to see a red-tailed hawk then a snake. Here Jathan is checking out how many ribs a snake has.

I think it was thrilling to all the kids to get to pet the animals. Each time Jathan would whip around and tell me what it felt like.

I think he was pretty proud of himself for petting the spiny-tailed lizard. Doesn't he look like such a big boy in this shot?! I can't believe he's already 4 and going to educational field trips and everything!

On the mammalian side, we got to see a bunny and a tiny little opossum! We learned that the opossum is a cousin to the kangaroo. Most of them have little pouches for their babies but this one doesn't; it's too small! Also, opossums will eat just about anything--meat or plants just like us humans.

The opossum looked incredibly soft to pet.

Can you tell Jathan was excited?

At the end the kids got to tell which of the animals was their favorite. Jathan raised his hand after she named each and every one of the animals--I guess he liked them all!

And here's a shot of the second group (the one that Keeleigh was in). I didn't get to stay with Keeleigh but she said her favorite was the snake. She wants a pet one. That's probably not going to happen. = P

I know that Jathan was listening because, over lunch, he told me that birds can't hold it when they have to go to the bathroom. Hee, hee! If we learned nothing else, I guess now we know that birds aren't really out for us when they splatter our cars/heads---they just can't hold it!

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