Saturday, September 10, 2011

Piper Plays

Piper is 15 weeks old now! I can't believe how the time has flown by; it truly seems like it was just yesterday that I was still pregnant! As sad as I am that she is (has?) outgrowing the newborn stage, it is exciting to see her personality emerge in smiles and giggles. She has also begun to reach out for objects so we've given her plenty of opportunities lately to practice this new skill by playing.

She got a new gym today and I think she's going to like it! (Had to post this pic because look at those chunky little legs!)

I think she looks like me in my baby pictures from this angle. It's kind of strange having a dark-haired baby for the first time! I can't wait until that hair grows a little longer and I can stick some bows in it.

Piper has also enjoyed some time in her baby seat lately.

And, though I considered getting rid of the swing because I couldn't keep Ryland out of it, I'm glad I didn't because it's been nice lately. I like this one because you can attach toys to the side for a little entertainment.

Ryland tries to give Piper lots of tips about playtime! He's got tons of good ideas I'm sure she'll appreciate in the future. For now she is quite patient with him and his tough-lovin' ways.

I'm looking forward to more and more playtime. I know it won't be long until my baby is rolling, crawling, and walking!

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