Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cinco de Mayo!

I like to go all out for every holiday so I planned some fun for Cinco de Mayo. First we all watched an educational video about the Mexican holiday. You know the one--from the 80s. The same one we watched on the TV that had to be rolled into the classroom. Ha ha. It actually wasn't half bad!

Then we made some paper mache maracas! Here's how we made them.

First we made our paste out of flour and water. Jathan stirred.

Then Ryland and I tore newspaper into small pieces and Piper threw every piece within her reach onto the floor.

When our newspaper and paste was ready, we used a funnel to put beans into water balloons. This step later proved to be useless so don't do this step!

Next we spilled half our bag of beans but Ryland thought it was great fun to pick them up and put them in a bowl so it all worked out just fine. = )

I blew up the water balloons and tied them off.

Then I folded a piece of paper into a handle shape and used masking tape to adhere it to the balloon.

Then we put our soaked newspaper strips onto the balloon and handle and let it dry.

When they were dry, we discovered that the balloon had shrunk/burst and pulled the beans down with it so they didn't shake well. So I cut a little hole in each maraca and inserted some rice then applied more newspaper and paste over the hole. This worked much better and made a lovely sound.

Later, the boys painted their maracas.

Then we ate Mexican pizzas...

And danced!

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