Friday, May 11, 2012

Photo Friday

May Week 2

Saturday...hanging out on the playground waiting on the "super" moon to rise. I was unimpressed.

Sunday, Keeleigh and I happened to match for church.

Monday....Piper's figuring out how to use the phone. She has held it up to her ear and mumbled, "Hello," but I can't get a picture of this to save my life.

Tuesday...I have a lot of help in the kitchen. Here Jathan is stirring some cornbread, and Ryland and Piper are inventorying the cabinets.

Wednesday...Piccolo tried on the beta version of his homemade harness. He couldn't walk on the tile floors!

Thursday...Keeleigh kicked backed and enjoyed reading on the balcony.

Thursday (again)...One minute Ryland was coloring at the table; the next time I looked over he was asleep like this.

Friday...Jathan was going to use these stickers on his "J" worksheet but Ryland got to them first! Later he decorated Piper as well.

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