Sunday, December 30, 2012

26 Weeks, Tactfulness, and Other Updates

On Wednesday of this week, I was officially 26 weeks pregnant with our twins! I still feel comfortably far away from D-day (delivery day, that is) and although my doctor recommended that I pre-register at the hospital at 24 weeks, I'm putting that off. I just don't really want to think about the hospital yet! No offense to any people in the medical profession, but I hate it. I guess I'm glad it's there to serve it's purpose, of course, but I do not want to be the one in need. Alas, Jackie has said no to homebirth. The guy won't even cut the umbilical cord at the hospital so I don't think he could handle me popping out a couple of babies on the couch or something, ha ha.

So, the #1 question from people who don't know me is, "Wow, so, you're about ready to pop, huh?" The greeter at Walmart, the manager at Popeyes, etc. Seriously, when the manager at Popeyes asked me that a couple of days ago and I explained things to her, I thought her eyes were going to bug out of her head as she stared at my stomach! Really, people? Whatever happened to tact? Yes, yes, I know it's an unusual situation in today's society to be expecting your 5th and 6th babies but it seems I've heard lots of stories lately about people and their inability to put forth appropriate statements. From outright rude cracks about one's sexuality to blatantly ignorant comments about multiracial families, I wonder, shouldn't we be teaching this in school or something? Trust me people 98% of y'all aren't going to need to know what a gerund is but you do need to know how to talk to people without being offensive! So here's a little lesson in how to figure out what's going on with that gigantically huge pregnant lady.

Tactful person: "What lovely children you have and I see that you are being blessed again! When is your due date?"
Gigantically huge pregnant lady: "Thank you! I'm due April 3."
Tactful person whose eyes ARE NOT bugging out: "Oh, a spring baby. That will be nice. Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?"
Gigantically huge pregnant lady: "Well, actually, we're expecting twins! They are both girls."
The end. Please feel free to ask if you need any other guides to dealing with carrying on a decent conversation. ; )

Moving on, the #1 question from people who do know me is, "How are you feeling?" I am feeling great! I really don't think pregnancy has slowed me down any thus far. Okay, maybe I waddle up the stairs a little slower but I still enjoy long, full days of school and housework. I'm still picking up my (other) babies and doing all of the other usual stuff I've always done. Of course I am tired and sometimes achy at the end of the day but never overly so.

The only time I'm truly uncomfortable is when I'm in bed at night. I've been questioning whether I am even meant to be in a horizontal position or not. I absolutely cannot lay on my back. It feels like the babies are each trying to slide off different sides of me or something. So I lay on my left side until that arm goes to sleep then I put a hand under my belly and lift it up to turn over. Seriously, it needs to be lifted. I really cannot imagine what it must be like for the ladies who carry triplets or more. A woman's body is an amazing thing and I remember that each and every time I look at my flat little belly button. I don't believe I've gained a lot of weight elsewhere. In fact, I can still see ribs over my basketball belly which protrudes from clearly visible hip bones. It's kind of funny!

I still have a sweet tooth and can make a box of chocolate covered cherries disappear in no time but am trying hard to eat well and substitute (non-chocolate dipped) fruit for cookies and cakes. I'm drinking lots and lots of water and taking my vitamin supplements. I believe that staying active and eating well is keeping me healthy and pre-eclampsia free. I'm hoping and praying that I will not suffer from it this pregnancy but will be able to carry the babies until they decide to come out naturally. I'm also trying to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for the fact that that may not happen. There could very well be a c-section in my future, who knows? Only the Lord and I know that I can trust Him. Still, I pour out the desires of my heart before Him and know that He hears my petitions!

So here's my 26 week shot and in the words of a meme I saw earlier this week, "The word you are looking for is radiant." = P

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