Wednesday, December 12, 2012

24 Weeks

Today the twins are 24 weeks old! They are probably around 11 inches long and, according to the ultrasound I had yesterday, weigh approximately 1 pound, 7 ounces each. It is a GREAT thing that they each weigh the same. This is a good indication that they are sharing nicely in utero! Thank God for two placentas. (Add that to things you never thought you'd hear someone say.)

So here's this week's belly shot:

Yesterday when the doctor came in to perform the ultrasound he said, "You got twins in there?! It doesn't look like it." I resisted the urge to tell him that I loved him and simply said, "Everyone else in the world begs to differ with you." Yes, I've gotten lots of comments lately about the size of my stomach. I guess it's kind of nice, actually, it starts a lot of conversations with strangers! I can't wait to see how it looks in a couple of months although I do wonder what in the world I'm going to wear. There's a brand of maternity clothing called "Two Hearts." I put on one of their shirts the other day and wondered if there's something out there for three hearts!

Other than running out of clothing options, I'm feeling great. I think I'm probably more active now than during any other pregnancy. Four kids will do that for you.

Speaking of active, the girls were practically doing aerobics yesterday during the ultrasound. I don't know if I've ever felt them move that much so perhaps they'll be performers someday--they sure were showing out for the ultrasound technician. Here's a picture of twin a. When it was taken, she was breech but before too long she turned and was transverse. There's still plenty of room for somersaults!

I love how you can see her little legs all curled up with sweet baby feet at the end!

I asked the ultrasound technician just to double check that they're definitely girls. She seemed somewhat offended and told me that Dr. Maupin is a doctor of maternal fetal medicine and that she herself had been doing ultrasounds for 20 years; they were not going to tell me wrong. She amused me and printed out pictures of their little lady parts so that I'd have photographic proof, ha ha.

Here's a shot of twin b. It's a little blurry but can you see her profile?

She is definitely a girl, too. = )

So since we know they are definitely girls and have only a few weeks left until they will make their debut into the "big world," I figure we should get busy naming them and preparing for them otherwise. EVERYONE wants to know if we've picked out names yet and the short answer is no. I do have a couple that I really like though and feel they will probably be what we end up with. At first I really loved Quinn for twin a since she will be #5 of our brood. I couldn't ever think of a great name to "match" it though. I don't want their names to be too matchy-matchy but I would like for them to go together. I considered Chloe and Bronwen (which I LOVE) but Chloe seemed to popular right now and Bronwen seemed too masculine for me. I really like feminine names but both Quinn and Bronwen, while lovely, are gender neutral so I ultimately decided against them.

I have looked for names everywhere. I've read countless lists and books. I keep an eye out around town since a New Orleans name would be wonderful (Jackie vetoed Calliope). Yesterday, I even thought how Skittle would be a cute girl's name but alas, I am no celebrity and probably couldn't pull off name my child after a rainbow colored candy. This morning I suggested River and Rose as a tribute to our new found love for Dr. Who. They are lovely sounding together but I worry we might spur some contempt between the girls naming them after his companion and his wife. = P

The names that I have liked and honestly considered recently are Isla (pronounced EYE-LA. You know like island without the "nd") and Everleigh. I think they go together and yet wouldn't necessarily overly bind them together. They are both "trendy" names right now so they wouldn't be the only ones with their name but they also aren't "popular" names so they wouldn't be a million Sophias, Isabellas, or Emmas (the top 3 names last year). As for middle names I think I like Isla Cerise (it means "cherry" and would always remind me of the craving I had while expecting them--chocolate covered cherries!) and Everleigh Jubilee. I have begged Jackie to name a girl Jubilee through every pregnancy and he has never liked it. Until now. All of a sudden he suggested it and has insisted that it be one of their middle names. I think it goes nicely with Everleigh. (Or should it be Everly or Everley? The "leigh" seems more girly to me and matches Keeleigh.)

I'm also thinking about baby bedding. I adore the owl theme that is so popular right now. There are several options using that theme and it would be super easy to find accessories but I've also seen a few bold, less typical designs that I like. Check out my Twins Room board on Pinterest and tell me which ones are your favorite. I'm certain I'll be adding more ideas soon!


  1. I think Quinn is adorable. I also like Isla Cerise and Everleigh Jubilee! They're cute! -Heddie

  2. Well I like Everley or Everly. I especially LOVE the middle names for both (Cerise and Jubilee)!! As far a bedding goes I, like you, have been a HUGE fan of the owl theme for quite a while. So I would have to say the owl themes are awesome! But a close second was the Poppy seed colection and third, the Deco Dot collection. I would also have to agree with your doctor, you still don't look like you are carying twins! ;)