Monday, January 31, 2011

Clean and Unclean Food

Jathan is quite full of wisdom lately (as many three-year olds are). I'm constantly saying to myself, "I should be writing this stuff down." So here goes...

Today as we were walking back from PE class he occupied his slow steps with finding "treasures." Treasures might be rocks or leaves or tiny lost army men or paper clips or other random pieces of garbage. Today his treasure was a sticky cypress cone which he decided he would drop down the drain to give the alligators something to eat since Ryland thought it looked quite tasty and kept trying to stick it in his mouth. So there Jathan laid--face down on the side of the street peering into the drain saying, "Here, alligator! Here, alligator!" Alas, the alligator never came. I finally convinced him that perhaps it was shy and we should simply leave the cone for him to eat later. He thought this was a good idea and as we walked the rest of the way we discussed the types of things alligators eat. Jathan suggested bugs. I added fish and turtles. Jathan gasped and said, "But JESUS made turtles! I like them!" I did not point out the fact that Jesus also made yummy, yummy cows, pigs, and chickens as well for fear that he would refuse more food than he already does. I'm guessing we won't be having turtle soup anytime soon, however.

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