Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playing with Ryland

Ryland is finally to the stage where he can PLAY! Occasionally he and Jathan get together and drag out all the toys, exploring each corner of the toy box. He also LOVED to pull all the pots, pans, and plastic bowls and lids out of the cabinet until we installed child locks! Lately his favorite activity is throwing random things into the garbage. I'm pretty sure that's where two of his missing cups disappeared to. All this in the name of curiosity and fun!

Jathan is totally into dinosaurs lately and has taught Ryland to do a little roar. One day recently we were playing dinosaurs on my bed when Ryland thought the dino box would make a great game in itself.

Now that the weather is warming up, Ryland has really begun to enjoy playing outside. When he's not eating dirt or racing towards the street, he loves sliding all by himself!

Yes, Ryland is becoming quite a fun little guy--a little ball of energy who is always smiling!

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  1. Just a bit of advice for the mom of a trash can obsessed toddler...keep your keys out of reach! Because that child can and will throw them away and they will get taken out to the dump before you even realize they are gone...
    : )