Sunday, January 30, 2011

January in Review

January 1

We didn't ring in the New Year with a bang so much as a blech. Jackie, Jathan,
and Ryland were all either still recovering from or in the throws of a stomach virus. Thankfully, I was spared the sickness and enjoyed watching a panoramic view of fireworks from our bedroom window at midnight. New Orleans definitely knows how to celebrate!

Poor puked-out Jathan. "That was really bad," he said. Totally.
January 4

We went for the BIG ultrasound on this date and found out that we're having a GIRL! We are still searching for the perfect name. Jathan has come up with some interesting suggestions including Starpoop, Dr. Pepper Can, and Lightning McQueen although he later decided Lightning McQueen would be inappropriate for a girl.

Our little princess doing yoga. That's her foot stretched way up top!
January 10

Ryland turned one year old! We celebrated with lunch at Mellow Mushroom. It was also the day of the National Championship (War Eagle!) so I made Ryland a football cake.

Happy Birthday, my big boy!
January 17

Keeleigh returned from her visit in Alabama with Nana and Pappy. Jeremy came along for the ride, too. We spent the next day in the French Quarter trying to find a place to park (not in a residential zone!) and a place to eat (FYI you can't get into Yo Mama's if you're under 21!). We finally ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe, shopped at the French Market, and had some beignets at Cafe Du Monde.

January 19

Back to school for Keeleigh! I know how much she missed it, ha ha.

January 20

20 weeks pregnant! I can't believe I'm at least halfway through this pregnancy. So far it's been unbelievably easy. I had no morning sickness and wore my regular pants FOREVER. I'm definitely showing now and I'm enjoying my favorite part of pregnancy--getting to feel my sweet baby move! She's notably less active than Ryland was so I'm hoping that's a sign of a calm personality.

Oh, hello, baby bump!
January 25

I attempted failed at sewing another Simplicity pattern but I'm not giving up! The little pieces of a soon-to-be cute outfit for Jathan are waiting patiently in the closet for my next go at it.

January 26

After two + years of living here, I finally signed up for a public library card! Jathan, Ryland, and I enjoyed story time at the library today. Ms. Christine is great with the kids. Ryland especially loved crawling all around yanking the books off the shelves! I'm pretty sure he was thinking, "THIS IS AWESOME." I left practically sweating for wrestling him but I think we've found a new part of our Wednesday routine!

We also resumed going to Wednesday night church after a long, long absence. Jathan was pumped for Mission Friends and kids choir and Keeleigh had a great time at GA's. Even Ryland who is leery of leaving Mama loved cracking up the nursery workers and driving them a little crazy trying to climb on top of everything. Jackie and I went with a Care Effect group and helped distribute meals in Central City. Many homeless and underprivileged people come to eat. Unfortunately many hungry young children (younger than Keeleigh walking dark New Orleans streets!) also come alone. There is a great, great need for the people here to be fed both physically and spiritually. I was so glad to be a part of it.

January 29

We celebrated some of Jathan's little buddies' birthdays at Sunshine Park. He and Ryland both had a wonderful time as evidenced by the icing left around their mouths and the sand in their pockets (and virtually everywhere else). Keeleigh mostly enjoyed the giant bowl of Doritos but, hey, who wouldn't? Sadly, Alfred (Larry Boy's faithful asparagus butler) was lost in the sand pit so if you find a little plastic asparagus at Sunshine Park please send him home!

Tonight the youth choir of which Keeleigh is a part of performed at Crescent City Praise along with choirs from around the city. I'd like to say I enjoyed it but I honestly didn't see much of it because I had Ryland in tow and he is the loudest, wiggliest baby I've ever seen. Ever.

January 30

Church, Sunday School, Sloppy Joes, a nap (HOPEFULLY!), and Crescent City Praise at First Baptist New Orleans tonight!

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