Thursday, February 24, 2011

25 Weeks!

I am 25 weeks pregnant today! That means I only have 15 more weeks to go. Give or take, of course, since I've never actually made it to a due date. I end up counting down differently--like, only 8 more weeks and Jathan was born, only 10 more weeks and Ryland was born, only 12 more weeks and Keeleigh was born! I am ever prayerful that baby sister will be 42 weeks gestation and I'll be desperately hoping for her to come out already. = P

If something *should* happen though, I'm taking comfort in the fact that many babies survive being born at 25 weeks. My little one's lungs are capable of working and she's getting stronger each day!

I feel her move often now and try to picture what part it might be protruding. It usually feels like she's sideways in my tummy but whether it's an elbow or foot poking me, I don't have a clue. I'm just thankful for each little movement. There just aren't many things better than feeling your baby move inside of you. I never cease to be amazed that God lets me in on His miracles.

Ryland kept wanting to be in the pictures as I was trying to get a good bump shot so ^ here's one of me and my two little babies!

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