Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ryland's 12 Month Checkup...

Was actually a bit late since he was almost 13 months old at the time. Better late than never, huh? Perhaps not since he was running a fever within a few days of being in that surely germ-infested waiting room! Moving on, however.

Ryland was found to be in excellent health! He weighed 20 pounds and was in the 10 percentile for both height and weight. Yes, he's small but I'm glad! I really don't know how I could carry around a chunky baby. Plus all of my children have been small and have caught up. Keeleigh was petite (5 pounds, 12 ounces at birth) and is soon to surpass me in height. She's already got me beat on shoe size!

We chose not to have Ryland vaccinated this time for the first time. I know its a controversial issue and that not all people think it was the wisest choice (including his doctor). But many factors contributed to our decision and I wanted to share some of them in case you are deciding whether or not to vaccinate or are just curious why people like us choose not to.

First of all I do not think all vaccinations are definitely bad. The good affects they've had are obvious! It's the bad affects I worry about and the unknown ones. I feel like there's so much we, including doctors, simply do not know. Since the government started mandating childhood vaccinations, studies show that illnesses like allergies, cancer, diabetes, leukemia, autism, SIDS, and ADD/ADHD have absolutely sky-rocketed. Even if you or your child don't have an immediate reaction to a vaccination, are you certain that there won't be a long-term one come up? We can't be certain. No one is.

Why might these vaccines which were created to bring about great good cause so much damage? I think it might be because their human creators were determined to find something that worked at any cost. Do you know how they make vaccines? Most are grown using things like monkey kidneys, mice brains, and chicken embryos. Some rabies, some mumps, all rubella, all chickenpox, all hepatitis a, some smallpox, and all ipv are grown using aborted fetal tissue which we definitely have a problem with since we are Pro-Life. And that's nothing new, either. These are being made from abortions performed in the 1960s so if you received vaccinations as a child, you were injected with this material along with things like formaldehyde, mercury, and other carcinogenics. Why do we worry about feeding our babies from bottles made with BPA (a cancer-causing chemical found in plastics) if we're just going to inject this stuff into them anyway?! (BTW: You can request the package inserts from your doctor if you'd like to research exactly what's in the vaccination your child will be receiving.)

Vaccines are often made using the very the sickness we're trying to prevent so guess where it has to grow? In the same stuff it would grow in if it were trying to inhabit your body...urine, blood, feces, pus, (cadaver) organs, etc. If your child picked dirt-covered food up off the playground and tried to eat it, you would naturally stop them and yet we're putting pure filth into their blood streams on a regular schedule!

Jackie and I just did not feel like it was the best choice for our children. Of course I would not judge you if you choose to vaccinate because I know how much a mother can love her children and that we're all just trying to take the best care of our children as we know how. But I do think we should all try to make informed choices which is why I wanted to share this information with you!

I also wanted to note that yes, I said the doctor did not agree with our choice (thank God we do have a choice!) but out of the last five times I've taken our children to the doctor, not one of them could diagnose what was ailing them at the time. "It must be viral," we've been told time and again over fevers that did indeed clear up on their own. I also took Jathan to see what the little bumps on his leg were and what to do about his eczema. The doctor said there was nothing to be done about the bumps besides burn them off (even though there is a homeopathic remedy) and prescribed a steroid cream for his eczema which dried his skin out even more. So, no, I don't believe doctors have ALL the answers but they, like us parents, are just taking good-intentioned, educated (hopefully) guesses. So don't be afraid to disagree with doctor if you've done your homework and feel strongly about something.

And if you've actually read this far down, I am totally impressed. = *


  1. Traci, this is awesome! And the very reason why we never vaccinated. The only reason why we are doing it now is for the IMB. I don't really agree we should still do it, but I have to go with my husband and just trust. Legalism is such a trap for people today!!

  2. We have had similar concerns... with vaccinations. We have chosen to vaccinate but have chosen to delay the MMR vaccination (also against Dr's orders). I know that much of the MMR research was recently found to be botched intentionally... but it is a concern. I suppose my response is primarily in fear/concern. While there are many issues and reasons for not vaccinating... I feel that over all our country is a more healthy place. I admittedly have not done research on the "ingredients" in vaccines. I also "fear" an outbreak in those who are non-vaccinating and putting other children at risk. It's so hard to know. Perhaps I've failed in this area. I do know that if my children go into missions, they will be required to pump themselves full of vaccines... even adults are required. This for safety of course.

    I share a concern regarding ADD/ADHD... I can't help but wonder if much of this is misdiagnosed... and we are simply dealing with kids being kids... especially boys. Schools are geared toward girls... not rowdy, wild boys (of which I have 3). Also, we have children who are not disciplined consistently... children who aren't told "No" and have the parents stick to it.

    I applaud you for standing for your position. We are blessed to have a choice in these matters still... we may not before long!

  3. I pray your children never suffer from a serious illness because of your ignorance.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    I always appreciate prayers. Before you pray, however, please remember that God Himself said, "...I have wounded, and it is I who heal..." (Deuteronomy 32:39). In Isaiah 45:6-7 we are told God causes "well-being" and creates "calamity." In Exodus 15:22-27 God says to the children of Israel, "I will put none of the diseases on you which I have put on the Egyptians; for I, the LORD, am your healer." The Lord is in COMPLETE control. He is our El Elyon (God Most High!) and our Jehovah-rapha (Lord Who Heals!)

    I believe we have made educated decisions while also relying on the Lord to guide us and pray that He will honor our obedience to respect for the life He created with health and well-being.