Monday, April 4, 2011

Audubon Insectarium

Ever since Jathan discovered that people eat animals he's been asking exactly which animals are suitable for eating. "Do we eat birds?" "Do we eat wolves?" "Do we eat sharks?" And so on and so forth throughout the entire animal kingdom. He finally asked, "Do we eat bugs?" I mentioned that, yes, some people do eat bugs and that maybe we could visit the Insectarium so that he could try a tasty, tasty bug.

Yesterday we finally go to go! After church we hit Popeyes where everyone devoured their chicken. BTW the one on Canal is cool because it's cafeteria-style and you can choose your items ala carte meaning if your child wants two biscuits then by golly, she gets two biscuits! = ) Jathan cracked us up saying, "This is so good. Good, good. I love chicken! I am so full!" Ha ha.

After Popeyes we headed to the Insectarium, where the kids were absolutely enthralled to look at different insects for the next couple of hours. We saw big, menacing-looking beetles and smelled bugs that reminded me of shampoo. We oohed and aahed over gorgeous butterflies (Keeleigh and her friend, Olivia, stood still for at least 15 minutes waiting for one to land on them). Some of us--everyone but me!--ATE chocolate, cinnamon, and sugar-coated bugs!

It was so much fun!

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