Monday, April 18, 2011

Keeleigh's New 'Do!

Keeleigh is my rock star. She's so creative and artsy and loves reinventing her style constantly. Her room is a perfect reflection of her (current) personality. The walls are magenta, the furniture is black, and the bedding is rainbow zebra print. Right now Keeleigh's nails are painted bright blue and her socks don't match. And today she got to add one more facet to her colorful personality. We've dubbed it crazy hair.

Here's a before shot:

And here she is perking up after the foil was placed in her hair. Inside that foil chemicals were bleaching her hair out preparing it for the next step!

Can you see what color Keeva is applying there? Yep, purple!

After the purple she put some blue chunks on top and voila!

Keeleigh is even cooler than before!

About two seconds after this picture was taken she ran outside just beaming ready to show off her hair to her friends! So glad she likes it. Rock on, sister girl!


  1. She made a stop by the Woodward house! She was a little excited :)