Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hittin' the Pool

Today, on Piper's one-month birthday, I decided to venture out to the pool with the kiddos. We went lots and lots last year but that was when Ryland would nap in the stroller and I could splash around with Jathan. I wasn't sure how Ryland would like it this year and I was even less certain that Piper would sleep peacefully in the stroller since she much prefers her mama's arms. But we went anyway and I made sure to bring the camera!

Jathan has been a few times with a friend earlier this summer so he felt right at home and jumped right in!

I put Piper in her stroller and crossed my fingers.

Turned out Ryland prefered to hang out pool side. The learn-to-swim suit? Not so great. I'll be bringing the float next time.

So I followed him around and held Piper because she was so not into laying in the stroller.

Ryland walked here and there checking out the pool chairs and throwing balls to Jathan. I nursed Piper and ended up hopping in the (baby) pool with her (still nursing!) to grab Ryland when he flopped right in at one point! Yeah, I totally had everything under control. Just thank GOD that he didn't go near the big pool!

It wasn't long before some friends came over and played with the boys! It's nice having girls around who like playing babysitter. = )

We even played in the rain for a while but then it began to thunder and lightning and we all cleared out.

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