Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday (School) Shoes

Girls, did you have a pair of patent leather Sunday shoes when you were little--the ones with straps and the heels that clicked in an oh-so-grown-up way when you walked? Or am I the only one with a shoe obsession that extends all the way back to preschool? Yes, I remember my aunt coming over to my house when I was little and slipping out of the heels she'd worn all day at work to rest her feet. I was delighted because that meant I could slip right into them and clip clop around the house the whole time she was there.

Well not many things have changed. That same aunt (and another one) still send me shoes every now and then. You can bet if you've complimented me on a pair of cute shoes they came from one of them. And ever since we joined FBNO and have been a part of the 20-something Sunday school class I've noticed one thing in particular: everyone's shoes! In fact on occasion I've been intimidated by the awesomeness of other people's shoes compared to my own.

Just today there were sandals, cowboy boots, loafers, ballet flats, kitten heels, metallic thongs, and several other fabulous examples of footwear. But today I was rocking some shiny silver shoes so I felt up to par, ha ha! Yes, today I was that little kid in my aunt's shoes again.

And to everyone in my Sunday school class, please don't laugh if you catch me glancing at your feet with envy. = P

"...As it is written, 'How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!' (Romans 10:15)

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