Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Weekend Projects

Now that school has started I've noticed all those little projects that I wanted to finished over the summer and didn't. So this weekend I got busy and completed two projects and got further on the third than ever better.

Project number 1: A new pacifier keeper for Piper. I had Jathan's old one but it just didn't seem girly enough and then I'd gotten one at a flea market when we were in Alabama but it was excessively long and I didn't care all that much for the pattern on the ribbon. So I tried to copy Jathan's old one with some cute purple polka dot ribbon that I've had forever. My sewing wasn't perfect but I think it came out pretty good.

Project No. 2: Decking out my cabinet doors. I'd seen someone (on Pinterest) fill an empty frame with chicken wire and I thought it was so cute. I had some leftover chicken wire from my chair project and I found some empty white frames at the SWAP shop that just so happened to perfectly match the mirror window pane over my sink. I bought some inexpensive ribbon at Walmart, stapled the chicken wire to the frame, and used a command hook to attach the whole deal to the two cabinet doors that flank the sink.

Super easy and I love it!

Project No. 3: A rag rug. The pieces to this one have been sitting around for quite some time. First I had to cut up the sheets into a bazillion long strips. Then I had to figure out out to crochet. Then I had to find enough quiet time to concentrate on my amateur crocheting skills long enough not to forget over and over what number stitch/row I was on. There is seriously no telling how many times I have unraveled this project and began again. Today I got this far and remember what part of the instructions I'm on. Hopefully I'll finish this sometime within the next decade. = )

And that's what I've done this weekend...what have you guys been up to? Any cool projects?

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