Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sleepyheads in my Bed

I love it when we get the opportunity to all wake up slowly on a Saturday morning. One by one little smiling faces still rubbing sleepy eyes find their way to my bed. Sometimes we curl up together and doze back off. Sometimes we talk about the last night's dreams. Sometimes we just tickle and giggle. Always I wish I could remember forever the way these little warm bodies feel, the way their little fingers curl around mine, and the way their smiles light up the morning.

Last night Piper slept well after a couple of rough nights and I was so, so thankful! It was the first night I'd put "winter" pajamas on her. I left her un-swaddled for the first time and it was adorable the way she threw her arms up over her head in her sleep.

Piper woke up first this morning. Then Jathan crept in. "Can I hold her?" he asked. I could not resist grabbing the camera! He shared his toy with her. Yes, when you have brothers sometimes you teethe on Destroyers!

"She can slobber on my toys. I really don't mind," he said very matter-of-factly.

Now, Jathan knew how to say, "Cheese," before he could say much at all. He's a great poser but he also enjoys a silly shot!

As much as Piper enjoyed slobbering on Destroyer, I think she prefers her doll, Tallulah, more!

Mama is her favorite playmate, though!

Ryland, my biggest sleepyhead, finally decided to join us after 9 a.m.!

Keeleigh had spent the night with a friend or I'm sure she'd been right there with them all! Maybe next time I can get a shot of everyone!

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