Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas in the Atrium

Today the youth choir performed during chapel time. I was much more excited about this performance that Tuesday night's because it would not be terribly obvious if the little kids weren't perfectly quiet (because they couldn't be quiet to save their lives). It was also nice because we got there early enough to grab the comfy chairs near friends with floor space to let the boys play.

I think Jackie might have enjoyed the comfy chair a little too much. = )

The boys equally enjoyed the floor space to play.

But they were relatively quiet for a good long while. Then Ryland got interested in moving the metal chairs. Then he wandered up to the front row of empty chairs which wasn't so bad because it was time for Keeleigh's choir to perform and the empty chairs offered a good view for pictures.

All of the choirs and groups performed beautifully. My favorite was, of course, the youth choir and the ladies choir (Deo It was great getting to hear them and to hear the lessons presented in a relaxed atmosphere. Whenever Jathan was near me, I'd lean down and whisper my translation of the Scripture to him. At one point during Away in a Manger I heard one of the little girls near us turn suddenly and excitedly to her mother when the word "manger" cut through her play. "Manger! Just like Baby Jesus!" she said obviously thinking, "WHAT A COINCIDENCE!" So cute. Yes, things were going swimmingly.

But then Ryland got the hankering to take his shirt off.

I talked him out of it by pointing out the fact that everyone else had their shirts on (although I don't necessarily want him to simply follow the crowd) and that it might be chilly without a shirt since we enjoyed a rather cool day in New Orleans today. But then he grabbed the program sitting on that chair next to him. It belonged to someone else so I tried to convince him to put it back. No go. "RETREAT, RETREAT!" my mommy senses shouted so I grabbed him up kicking and screaming and headed back to the comfy chairs and hopefully out of everyone's earshot. Then I distracted him by showing him how to make pictures. "Press this button," I told him. So he did. A lot. = )

Sometimes with his mama's hand to steady the camera...

Sometimes not...

Yes, sir, Ryland definitely keeps things interesting!

Then finally, finally, finally it was over and thanks to the president (of the seminary not the U.S., ha ha) everyone got free drinks from the cafe. Black and Golds, yum!

And as we were leaving that lady in the pink shirt in the picture where Ryland is trying to remove his shirt smiled at the boys and said, "You guys were so good!" I smiled back at her and thought to myself, "I love it when people lie pretty lies to me." Hee hee.

So our morning was filled with music and then our afternoon was filled with shopping! Keeleigh has at least three Christmas parties she's been invited to and we hit Big Lots for some awesome yet frugal gifts. We got home just in time to spend a few chilly minutes on the playground. Have I mentioned that I love Christmas? It's definitely the most wonderful time of the year.

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