Monday, December 5, 2011

Combs Christmas Tour

Ryland says, "Welcome to our home!"

Would you like to see all of our Christmas decorations? Check out our door decoration. We saw something like it at Trees and Trends and upon checking the price tag thought, "I could totally do that." = )

We think it looks great beside our sled, you know, just in case of snow!

C'mon inside. Next to our door we plugged in a cute little tree that we got on our Thanksgiving trip to Alabama. It used to sit on our porch when we lived there.

Now it hangs out next to our baker's rack where we have our one and only Nativity (I laughed to myself when Dr. Jackson said at church this Sunday that everyone has them all over the house.)

We have more of a snowman collection around here. If you look in our kitchen you might notice our snowman rug.

After you catch a load of our new Frosty fridge, that is! (Thank goodness for Pinterest!)

There are reindeer prancing on our coffee table.

Just past the coffee table is our tree.

We decorated it in red and green with snowmen and homemade ornaments made from old Christmas cards.

There are also several special new ornaments. Each of the kids have their initial bedecking a branch.

Then there's our new olive wood ornament from Bethlehem.

Right now there's only one present under the tree (that will be changing very soon!) so we let Piper decorate the bottom of the tree today.

But then she tried to unwrap that one present! Something tells me she's going to enjoy this aspect of Christmas especially if we let her eat the wrapping paper. = )

Next to the tree is Jackie's Christmas cactus. We're so excited that it's going to be blooming for this Christmas.

If you head down our hall, you're sure to notice the giant stockings on each door. The kids are hoping they'll wake up and have those stockings FULL!

The first room you come to down the hall is the guest bathroom. Yes, we even decorated the bathroom!

Keeleigh's room. She has a white tree that she decorated with bright, fun ornaments and pink lights.

Keeleigh's tree looks super cool at night!

The tree in the boys' room is covered with some of their favorite things--dinosaurs!

Mama and Daddy's room is red, white, and all the way.

In their bathroom, however, the theme is silver and gold and pearls.

And that concludes our tour!

Whew, we're beat.


  1. your home is beautiful!!

  2. To precious! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Thanks for the all the decorations. You are so talented!

  4. Beautiful tour! Love the pic of Piper. It is wonderful.