Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lafreniere Park

Tonight we went on the 2nd Annual Combs Family Trip to Lafreniere Park to check out the Christmas lights!

It was a wonderfully cool night after a series of rather warm ones. I was glad that it actually felt like the appropriate season!


Keeleigh's friend Nadia went with us. They were nuts cracking us up all night!

Piper enjoyed the lights, too. When I took this picture she was just smiling her head off squealing. Isn't her little red nose the cutest?

Thank goodness for hot chocolate and popcorn to warm us up!

Yes, the popcorn was so delicious that Jathan and Ryland couldn't even pause for this picture, ha ha!

Yep, had to get a photo of Jackie checking his phone. It's his love and taking pictures obsessively is mine.

These are the wonderful things we remember all through our lives!

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