Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Busy Baby!

Piper has been a busy little baby this week. She's beginning to crawl better and this week was the first time she'd ever set off on her own to explore. We had to put a rubber band around our TV stand doors since she discovered that they open and loves pulling out the DVDs. Keeleigh has learned to keep her bedroom door closed as well because Piper has learned to pull the CDs off her media tower. I've picked up our magazines several times and had to put our Christmas cactus up high so that she doesn't dig in the soil!

Today I started supper and grabbed a skillet from our cabinet. When Piper saw the door open her little eyes lit up. I just couldn't bear to close the door and deny her a little fun. Everyone knows that boxes are a kid's favorite toy and that pots and pans are number two! Piper quickly pulled out as many pots and pans and bowls as she could then much to my surprise she climbed right in the cabinet! It was so cute that I just had to grab the camera and share.

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