Tuesday, December 31, 2013

10 Months

Brooklyn and Braelyn are 10 months old! We are continually amazed at how different they are! Here's what's going on in their little lives. 

Braelyn Joy:

-Is on the move! She crawls on her stomach ALL AROUND. She has also learned how to sit up from crawling position and is attempting to pull up more and more.
-Is still nursing! Although she does enjoy solid foods now. Unlike her sister, she does not care for purées. She much prefers feeding herself!
-Is a BIG TIME mama's girl. She loves me so much she has to sleep by my side each night.
-Is getting more and more hair. It's blonde and forming a cute little duck tail in the back. 
-Still doesn't have any teeth! 
-Can say Mama (occasionally) and bye-bye.

Brooklyn Jubilee:

-Does NOT crawl. She most often prefers being carried but sometimes sits and plays.
-Is still nursing! She likes some purées and yogurt as well as just about anything else she can get her hands on although she is not so great at chewing and chokes on stuff all the time.
-Can drink out of a straw and gets lemonade in her cute little ladybug cup.
-Loves her Nana. Seriously. She lunges at her the minute she's in her sight and cries when she leaves. She even prefers Nana over Mommy!
-Is getting more and more hair. And I don't know where she's going to put it all. It's crazy all over the place! I've got to get better about pulling it back into a clip because it's getting food in it all the time now.
-Still doesn't have any teeth!
-Can say Mama, bye-bye, and I swear she said dog when she saw my parents' Bassett hound although there were no witnesses to corroborate my story.

We just celebrated the girls' first Christmas outside the womb. They wore adorable matching dresses with headbands and cute black shoes. Their Nana and Pappy got them twin baby dolls and cheetah print outfits along with some toys and diapers. We bought them the Little Tikes Activity Garden. It has been so fun seeing them play in it especially Braelyn since she is crawling. Once she got stuck trying to crawl out the little window!

It's hard to believe it is just two short months until their first birthday! They've grown and changed so much already. I can't imagine what the months ahead hold. 

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