Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What I Wore

I've been following a girl on Pinterest who posts "Modest Monday" outfits each week to give other ladies ideas on classy dressing that is both modest and trendy. Her style doesn't always match mine but I do find her to be inspirational. 

I have been pinning lots of outfits then attempting to put them together from items already in my closet. I thought I would share what I wore last Sunday in a similar way that the other girl does. 

My inspiration outfit from Pinterest:

My outfit:

Cheetah print skirt: free (given to me)
Red shirt: free (from the SWAP shop)
Black cami: $5 (from Walmart)
Denim jacket: free (from the SWAP shop)
Red heels: free (given to me)

So basically I had a $5 outfit that I felt really comfortable in! Obviously not everyone has access to a SWAP shop (it was on the seminary campus where we lived) but you could always host a clothing swap amongst friends. I bet all of our closets are full of things we hardly ever wear but that a friend would appreciate. I also love to shop thrift stores. There are TONS of treasures just waiting to be found! 

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