Thursday, July 28, 2011

Berry Pickin'

On our recent trip to Alabama to pick Keeleigh up from my parents' house, Keeleigh mentioned to me that she'd found a blackberry patch and really wanted to go berry picking. So I donned my best berry picking outfit and we set out...

(Borrowed socks and shoes since I didn't bring any appropriate for traipsing through thorny berry patches. Don't they look lovely with my extra loud pants?!)

It wasn't long before we found what we were looking for: sun-ripened blackberries!

It also wasn't long before we discovered another little creature that loves blackberries: June bugs! They were absolutely all over the plants apparently chowing down on the juicy berries.

Keeleigh also found some honeysuckle and enjoyed it's sweet juice right off the vine.

Jathan was able to reach a few of the berries but wasn't quite as excited as Keeleigh was about being out in the hot sun reaching through thorny bushes for a few tart bites!

I mainly enjoyed taking in the beautiful scenery. I do really love being in New Orleans but there's just something about the country, huh?

Eventually we talked Keeleigh into heading back and my boy and I (and Optimus Prime there to the right) walked hand in hand in the sunshine.

Yes, sharing life with these sweet kiddos makes me one happy mama!

And a bowl full of blackberries made for one happy Keeleigh!

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