Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ruined in the Wash?

Earlier this week I got the chance to go to the SWAP shop to get some "in between" clothes since I don't fit into all of my old clothes yet (almost there, though! lost over 20 pounds since Piper was born!). I got what I thought was a cute tie-dyed skirt that would match a shirt I already had. Yesterday I threw it in the wash and today it was on my bed to be folded and put away.

Jathan and Ryland were playing on the bed as I folded clothes (because apparently they can't be more than 2 feet away from me at any time but that's another post.) Jathan picked up the tie-dyed skirt and said, "Uh oh, Mommy, this one didn't wash very well." Ha, ha, ha! He's so stinkin' cute sometimes!

And speaking of cute...when I took Jathan's picture with the skirt Ryland was jealous and grabbed it up. He laid it in front of him and said, "Cheese!"

Never a dull moment around here!

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