Thursday, July 7, 2011

One Month Check Up

Today was Piper's one-month check up although she's technically 6 weeks old (the very popular doctor was booked for the last couple of weeks!). She enjoyed a little bath before her appointment to get squeaky clean and sweet smellin'.

Today was the first day she really enjoyed her bath. As you can tell from the pictures she kicked and squirmed happily. That is until Ryland poked her with a Q-tip. It was all over after that. But it was probably a good thing he stopped me cooing and gooing and making pictures because I needed to get her washed and (gulp) wake Jathan up from his nap so that we could go. I was a little worried about going by myself with the boys but I had a plan. Park close by, carry Piper in the Sleepywrap, and hope Ryland didn't mind holding my hand.

We got there and I parked in the parking deck, put Piper in the wrap, and was delighted that Jathan and Ryland walked quickly and happily to the elevators. We had some time to spare so it was no big deal that we lolly-gagged down the hall and over the bridge to the doctor's office. Jathan was excited to see a katy-did on the window and we stopped to talk to an elderly couple who got a twinkle in their eye when my boys smiled at them. When we finally arrived in the waiting room the boys played and Ryland chased a little 2-year old girl who had grapes ("No, Zoe's grapes!" Ha, ha.) Eventually the nurse called us back and we walked to the room where Ryland promptly LOST IT. I don't know what he thought was going on because he hasn't been to the doctor in six months so I know he doesn't remember it but he sure didn't like the look of things. He cried and cried and pointed at the door until I finally let him play with my phone!

So the nurse weighed Piper and guess what? She's up to 11 pounds, 2.6 ounces! She's gained over four pounds in six weeks and is in the 75 percentile. This is certainly a change for me; all of my other babies have been skinny minnies! Finally I have a chunky monkey. = )

The doctor examined Piper and said that all is well with her although she does have an umbilical hernia which sounds bad but is actually no big deal and will go away on its own. "Just keep doing what you've been doing!" he said.

The doctor also took some time to speak with Jathan and Ryland and gave them stickers. I swear, this guy is so nice to the kids. After Piper's examination he held her and talked with her trying to get her to smile. He seemed so genuinely pleased when she gooed at him! Being a pediatrician certainly seems to be his true calling.

Finally the appointment was over. Jathan and Ryland were eager to leave! We hurried to the car since Ryland was getting tired and the walk back there wasn't so much fun for him. As I got nearer to the bottom of the parking deck I started noticing signs directing you to certain lanes. Cash/validated tickets this way, contracts this way. "Wait a minute," I thought, "I didn't even get a ticket and I don't have any cash!" This was my first time in this parking deck and I found myself wondering what I was going to do. How much would a "lost ticket" cost and where was I going to get cash? Then I got to the booth and there was a big sign up that said, "FREE PARKING. No charge." It was a small thing but I really couldn't help but think about how it compared to salvation. There is a debt to be paid and we don't have the means to pay it. But Christ has paid it for us and it's like there's this big sign pointing to heaven that says, "FREE PARKING. No charge!" Believe me I pulled out of that parking deck smiling but not just because I unexpectedly saved a few dollars parking. = )

Now Piper is worn out from her long day and is sleeping peacefully in her crib. I'm off to get ready for bed and (hopefully) enjoy a good night's sleep myself!

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