Saturday, June 9, 2012

Project 365. June. Week 1.

I've been on the lookout for bunk beds for the boys' room. Although I adore their car beds, they just took up far too much space in their small room and they had no floor space to play. Then a friend mentioned that they were giving away their loft bed! I love that Ryland got to keep his toddler car bed and they got some play space. Plus I think it look pretty cool in their room, too.

No nap + 2 hours at the pool + warm shower = a snoozing Ryland! We had just returned from the pool and I stuck Jathan and Ryland in the shower to wash off while I nursed Piper and put her down for a nap. When I finished I found Ryland like this--with the water still running over him! He was very sad that I got him out, too. = )

Our supper one night this week. Penne pasta casserole except I used rigatoni because that's just what we happened to have. I think I liked it better that way! Everyone else must have loved it, too, because an entire 9x13 inch dish of it was eaten. Delicious.

Piper has been learning to climb but still has trouble with her descent. She goes as far as she can (in the rocker in her room, on the stool in the bathroom, on the playground, etc.) then screams until I come save her!

I've declared this the summer of crafts and am attempting to do at least one crafty, Pinterest-y thing a week. This week's project: new magnets for our fridge. We are forever in need of magnets to hold everyone's artwork so these will really come in handy!

So I've always sort of made fun of answer sheets for preschool worksheets. Until this week. We came across this picture on a worksheet and had no idea what it was so we didn't know which color to color it. And there was no answer sheet! What do you think it is?

I've been working on fixing my hair volumizing and flipping it as best I can. What do you think?