Saturday, June 16, 2012

This Week in Pictures

June, Week 2

I made black bean quesadillas (click here for the recipe). Everyone (except Keeleigh) ate them up. Ryland even said, "Good food, Mommy!" This recipe is definitely a keeper.

Keeleigh constructed a play tent for the boys. They loved it!

We had planning on going to Fontainebleau State Park Wednesday to let the kids play on the beach for the afternoon, then Keeleigh suggested we camp out for the night. "Why not?" we decided. It was our first family camping adventure---so much fun! I see many return trips in our future.

Jackie and I needed to go buy Keeleigh's birthday present so my friend, Melissa, volunteered to keep the boys, Keeleigh stayed with a friend, and we got a date night (Piper joined us but we didn't mind!). Hears photographic proof that I'm a cheap date. We used my coupons from the First 100 Event and got all of this food for $2.66. Good deal!

This shot is from the Causeway...I love seeing NOLA in the distance. Almost home!

I froze some little toys in ice and let the boys use hammers to free their animals. Jathan loved it! My apologies to everyone in our building, however. It honestly didn't occur to me how loud it would be giving two little boys hammers!

13 years ago I had to eat yucky hospital food but this year for Keeleigh's birthday I enjoyed a great meal: BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, rice and corn casserole, boiled cabbage, and garlic bread. I ate until it hurt.

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