Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New 'Do

I have been eager for my hair to grow out some so that I could add some layers. I've been scouring the Internet for ideas. Finally my hair had reached shoulder length and I thought I could go for it. Jackie even found a Group On for a haircut. I called. They didn't have anything available that day and I was impatient not wanting to wait for Jackie's next day off so I didn't make an appointment. Instead I walked in to a Walmart salon. I really should have walked back out after seeing the customer in front of me leaving. She was an older lady and had a fairly short cut which was now extremely choppy all over. Maybe it just needs to be styled, I thought. I sat in the chair and chatted with the stylist. She was complimentary and seemed confident that she could do what I wanted. Snip, snip, snip.

Then the other stylist came over, picked up the picture example I'd brought in, and raised her eyebrows. It was too late to stop. The one stylist asked the other, "What do you think?"

"You know what I think your problem is?" she replied. Those are words that no one ever wants to hear about someone who has been chopping on your hair for 10 minutes. The second stylist then sectioned off my hair and  re-cut it explaining the the first girl how to cut hair. What. The. Heck. Don't you have to know how to cut hair before you get a job at a salon?

So I walked out dissatisfied but trying to make the best of it especially since Jackie was outside and I didn't want to hear, "I told you so." (I still don't, Jackie, for the record.) I broke out my curling iron and straightener when I got home and felt a little better. You know, as long as I don't think about what I wanted it to look like. Or how long it's going to take to grow back out. Since I was trying to grow it out. = (

So here's a before picture (didn't have a good one but this is recent):

Here's what I asked for:

Pinned Image

And here's what I got:

I think if you poke your left eye out and squint with the right one it kind of looks similar.

Keeleigh said I look like Rapunzel after her haircut. Which is good. Because then I look like a princess, right? Right?

Sadness. Extreme sadness. Head scarfs are in, right? Maybe a sun hat?


  1. Lol! I have been in this exact same situation and have learned my lesson! And now Kyle won't let me get cuts at places like that because I fussed and fussed forever after mine was butchered.I don't know anyone that has gotten a good cut at Walmart. The state board you have to take in Louisiana to graduate from hairschool focuses on book work, pincurls, and fingerwaves. Not so much the haircuts. I've always like the way Keava has cut mine so I am sticking with her until one of us moves away! I think you can make that haircut work! Plus its nice and short for these hot summer months!

  2. You make me laugh!!!! So funny and so true. I have been there before - too many times.