Thursday, July 26, 2012

Carousel Gardens

Back in December an anonymous donor gifted the homeschool group on campus with Friends of City Park membership cards. These cards granted us free access to Storyland and the Botanical Gardens and discounts on other cool things. Last night we enjoyed another perk of the membership--my favorite thus far. We were invited to the membership appreciation night at Carousel Gardens in City Park. Not only did we get unlimited free rides but we also ate free cotton candy, popcorn, and snowballs.

Needless to say, the kids were pleased.

I love Ryland's little forced grin.

Piper finished off Ryland's cotton candy while the guys rode the ferris wheel.

I am not that into rides but I was totally into the Haydel's Bakery table. I thought I was getting in line for a measly cookie (if you can call their cookies measly) and then I saw that they were serving little slices of unbelievably delicious cake. Oh. My. Goodness. Perhaps their cakes truly are worth fifty bucks a pop.

After the boys got off the ferris wheel, a cute clown wandered up and asked them what sort of balloon animal they wanted. They requested balloon swords.

Then they got in line to get airbrushed tattoos. 

They asked me if I was going to be there taking pictures for Jathan's first real tattoo. I said, "Yes!" You know I totally will. In fact Jathan was kind of disappointed this one wasn't going to last forever. 

I'm sort of hoping that the boys will choose something other than Batman should they decide to get something more permanent. 

The boys then rode the carousel while Piper watched, cheering. 

I didn't get pictures of the boys on the other rides because they were going so quickly but rest assured they had a blast! There were the dump trucks, the tea cups, the monkey jump, and the big slide. Then it was time to go home and wash all the sugar off! And my favorite part? They were all so tired that they fell asleep and slept all night (Even Piper! Hooray!). = )

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