Monday, July 23, 2012

Nana and Pappy's Visit

Last week we got a treat...a visit from Nana and Pappy! It's always amazing how the kids don't often get to see their grandparents but they always take up with them like no time has passed at all in between visits. Even Piper climbed right up in their laps. She showed Pappy what her favorite pastime is.

He was happy to oblige her with a few stories.

Tuesday we took a little trip to the Botanical Gardens. Mom and Dad paused for a quick picture in City Park first. Don't you just love palm trees and blue skies?

We really enjoyed the Botanical Gardens despite the fact that it was a *little* warm out. It was beautiful there. The live oaks were a favorite with the kids. Better than a jungle gym!

One of my favorite parts was the pond of lily pads.

They had these fantastically huge lily pads that I'd never seen before. 

After touring the Gardens, we hit Storyland and let the kids play a little. 

I have no idea what story this statue is from but it inspired Nana and Ryland to strike a pose. = )

Wednesday we hit the French Quarter and walked through the French Market where Keeleigh found this cool mask. 

And of course Nana and Pappy spoiled us with a ton a delicious food. We got to eat out at the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, Olive Garden, and Outback. Yum, yum! 

Keeleigh went home with her grandparents for some Alabama time. She's already having a blast. I've gotten pictures of her building a cool table, hanging out in her own personal loft, and working airbrushing tattoos. I know she's going to have a blast there! 

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