Monday, July 2, 2012

Sew Crafty

One of my Pinterest boards in entitled "Sew Crafty." This week I actually got around to making a few things from that board as well as my second ever pattern project.

The boys got new superhero capes made from men's t-shirts that I got from the SWAP shop. Super duper easy and cute even if you leave them un-embellished. Of course, you could always applique their favorite superhero symbol on the back.

This was my pattern project...a new skirt for me! The pattern was $1 from Walmart and I'd gotten the fabric for free so this was a really great, frugal project.

I was even happier that it came out well because this skirt has POCKETS which is an awesome thing in case you didn't know.

I had a good bit of fabric left over so I decided last minute to make Piper a little pillowcase dress to match Mommy's skirt. Didn't we look cute Sunday morning? = )

Piper got to wear her new dress on her very first day in the big girl class at church! I can't believe she's left the baby nursery behind for the 1-year old class but she loved it. 

I loved sewing this week and it's inspired me to do even more projects especially for Piper---it's so much fun making sweet little dresses for little girls!


  1. awesome! i want to make pillowcase dress for the girls. u might have to teach me:)

  2. Very impressed with your initiative! The skirt is so fun and colorful! Must be all that bike riding that's giving you the extra energy to sew! :)

  3. For some reason your pictures on here have stopped showing up for me. :-( Not sure what's going on but at least I was able to see them on Facebook. Great job on the skirt. Your crafting/sewing has given me new motivation to get my scrapbook/craft room organized so I can get back to doing crafty things. Keep up the great work! Love ya girl!