Thursday, October 18, 2012

16 Weeks!

Wednesday marked 16 weeks into my pregnancy. I'm happy to be fitting into maternity clothes now instead of being at that weird in-between stage. At around 12 weeks, I was certain that I was feeling some movement but then they were few and far between until this week. Then I had one day when I felt a lot of little flutters but only on one side. I know that one placenta is anterior and one is posterior so I wonder if this has something to do with that.

After a two-week wait and calling to see what was up, I finally got a call back from my nurse setting up my BIG ultrasound appointment. Sadly, it's not until November 13th! I will be one day shy of 20 weeks so hopefully we will get a nice view of them and find out their genders. I hate the wait, though.

I'm contemplating having a gender-reveal party. I think it's such a fun idea. I really, really don't want to wait myself, though. Would it be bad if Jackie and I found out then had a party to tell everyone else? Who wouldn't like an excuse to get together and eat cake?!

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