Thursday, October 4, 2012

14 Week OB Appointment

Yesterday I celebrated being 14 weeks pregnant!

Today I had my OB appointment. I was so happy when, after a very long wait, the doctor said, "I'll be right in. We're going to get the ultrasound machine." 

She said that at 14 weeks it would be difficult to distinguish between heartbeats simply using the doppler. Plus I think she just wanted to see them which was totally okay with me! 

Jathan came with me today and the doctor gave him the first peek. She pointed out their heads and "frog legs." Then I got a looksie. 

This is a picture of the twin that is on the right. It was in a good position and the doctor try to determine its gender but felt it was still too early to tell. At 14 weeks boys are easier to spot than girls and this baby didn't have any obvious, um, protrusions, shall we say, but we just couldn't tell for sure. I'm betting on girl, though! 

The baby on the left was not feeling so photogenic today. It was impossible to see between its legs but you can see them nicely in this profile shot. For the ultrasound illiterate, the baby's head is to the left, torso in the middle (see the curve of its back bone?), and bend leg and little foot to the right. 

Thankfully both babies were the same size which is a good sign that they're both healthy. The doctor said my risk of miscarriage was very low at this point and would be even lower after 20 weeks. She showed me the division between the twins' sacks which is also good and told me which placenta is posterior and anterior. Everything looked just perfect!

My weight and blood pressure was also great today which is a blessing that I pray will continue (I've experienced pre-eclampsia during 3 out of 4 of my previous pregnancies).

Now I'm just waiting on a call from the nurse to set up an appointment for my "big" ultrasound...the one with a real technician using more high tech equipment instead of the doctor just poking around with the one on wheels. = ) Hopefully during that ultrasound the babies will reveal their genders to us. I can't wait to find out!

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