Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Crafts

Over Fall Break we took a little hiatus from our usual school work and studied the arts Halloween style.

The little kids each had a monster face a day to design. First we did jack-o-lantern mosaics.


Next they painted Frankenstein's monster and used buttons, stickers, and yarn to make him a face.
The boys painted their witches hat and face then glued on eyes, noses, and mouths cut from magazines (also a very fun thing to do on real pumpkins!). Very Picasso, don't you think?

For Dracula, they went freestyle and drew on faces with crayons.

The little kids worked on learning a poem together. We chose, "Five Little Pumpkins."

To help we did a craft to go along with the poem. First we gathered a few acorn and painted them orange. I made a gate out of craft sticks.

When the orange paint was dry we drew Jack-O-Lantern faces on the acorns.

Then we used our gate and acorns to act out the poem as we said it. Here Jathan is being the wind and the pumpkins are all rolling away!

One day the boys did a magazine scavenger hunt. I made a list of Halloween related pictures to find and handed them some copies of fall magazines. They flipped and flipped and snipped and snipped then glued all their finds to a paper for display.


And of course we couldn't go without decorating a pumpkin. We have a big pumpkin to carve but I got them these small pumpkins to paint to their hearts' desire.


Keeleigh got to join in the fall fun, as well. She had a haunted house to color. On the back she came up with some adjectives to describe haunted houses and some adverbs to describe how witches, monsters, and ghosts behave.

She learned the folklore behind the jack-o-lantern and carved her own original from a turnip just like Stingy Jack the original "Jack of the Lantern" carried.

She also got to choose one monster, ghost, or goblin to research. She chose the Headless Horseman and made a lapbook about him.

I also found several worksheets online for Keeleigh to complete. One worksheet had her complete grid coordinates to make a Halloween picture, and she wrote a Halloween acrostic poem.

On Thursday of Fall Break we went to the pumpkin patch where the kids all got pumpkins.

 Keeleigh carved a face in hers.

And with Ryland's we cut the top off, added soil and water, and are waiting for the pumpkin seeds to sprout! Sorry, somehow I didn't get a picture of that. Weird, I know. = P

Keeleigh's pumpkin had a TON of seeds inside which we, of course, roasted for snacking! Yum, yum!

And that's what we did for Fall Break! So much fun!

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