Wednesday, January 23, 2013

30 Weeks

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant! According to my Babycenter email the babies are around 3 pounds (which supposedly they were 2 weeks ago at my ultrasound) and are a little more than 14 inches long.

I am feeling lots of hiccups and lately they have all been very low so I'm hoping that is a sign of a couple of head-down babies. I also have Braxton Hicks contractions constantly. Sometimes it's so strange during these contractions; it feels like my stomach isn't even part of me just something sitting on my lap growing harder and heavier. Other times the contractions are uncomfortable, and I find myself trying to sit very still during them then running to the bathroom to empty my bladder!

The kids have begun to ask about the babies often. Jathan and Ryland love sitting next to me and feeling them move. They think it's funny that the girls are already kicking their brothers. This morning the girls were moving so much that Jackie could feel the bed shake!

Tomorrow is my regular doctor's appointment, and I have a list of questions ready for her. Should she mention the glucose screening test, I'll let her know that I would rather not take it and ask if that's a problem for her. I'll also be asking what her opinion is on going to Mardi Gras parades. Jackie thinks I'm crazy (but, hey, so does practically everyone I know) but I really don't want to miss my last Mardi Gras as a New Orleans resident! Here is a list of the other things I will be asking:

1. What constitutes an "emergency" when thinking of an emergency c-section? Is a breech baby (or two) an "emergency"? Are there hospital guidelines/protocols when it comes to deeming something and "emergency" or is this at the discretion of the doctor. Because if they deem it an emergency, they do not have to grant you informed consent.

2. Is a breech extraction routine? Do you consider it necessary in all cases or are some babies allowed to birth on their own without medical intervention?

3. Since birth will happen in the OR, is there a time constraint solely because of that fact?

4. Is there a time constraint place on birth times between the twins? If so, why is this necessary?

5. If I refuse a breech extraction, an episiotomy, or a non-emergency c-section, will you refuse to continue caring for me?

6. Can I request delayed cord clamping even during a c-section?

7. What tests and procedures on infants after birth are mandated by law in Louisiana? Will it be a problem if I refuse eye drops/cream at birth? Can I choose vitamin K drops instead of an injection or refuse it completely without that being an issue? The eye drops that infants receive at birth were originally administered many, many years ago to prevent blindness caused from STDs picked up in the birth canal. Today they are largely unnecessary in births involving women who know they do not have an STD or who do not deliver vaginally. I prefer not to have the babies get them because they temporarily irritate the eyes and cause blurred vision and who wants to start life like that if you don't have to?

 Vitamin K is administered routinely to help infants' blood clot because it naturally does not do so for days (which is why God very wisely had parents wait to perform circumcision rituals on their sons). Since this is how ALL HUMANS are born I'm not sure why we consider this a deficiency. Nevertheless, we are told it's best for our babies and will prevent brain bleeds which occur in perhaps 1 out of 10,000 births and which might be the result of forcep use and early cord cutting anyway. But did you know that your baby has a 1 in 500  chance of getting leukemia from the extremely high (20,000 x normal levels) dosage of synthetic, preservative laden Vitamin K shot? Yes, we're weighing our options.

Hopefully this will get some good conversation started between me and my doctor!


  1. You have been doing your homework!! Good for you, mama! I'm praying that you get to have your girls naturally! Next time I see you, I'm curious to know the name of your Dr....Chances are I haven't heard of her, but I'm just curious!

  2. Awesome! Go you for stepping up! Do whats right for you! We will be in constant prayer that everything goes smoothly whenever that may be! :)