Wednesday, January 30, 2013

31 Weeks

Today marks 31 weeks into my pregnancy! How am I feeling?

I'm feeling very pregnant.

I'm feeling very conspicuous. It's awkward to have everyone stare at me. So many people stop and talk to me. So many people can't believe I will grow EVEN LARGER. I met a lady earlier this week who, upon finding out that I'm having twins due on April 3, absolutely and openly gawked. She eyed me up and down with her mouth wide open. I am not exaggerating in the least. She kept saying, "Bless your heart." I really wasn't sure what to say back. I don't know how to explain how I feel. Almost guilty. Almost immodest somehow. I feel like staying home. I feel like I shouldn't feel that way.

I'm feeling heavy. I've gained over 40 pounds and sometimes my little size 6 feet sometimes have a hard time carrying me around past supper time. Of course, laying down really is not an option anymore. I'm a stomach sleeper and am missing it. I can't lie on my back anymore since there is so much weight pressing down. I must alternate sides, lifting my stomach up and over when one of my arms falls asleep and I need to turn over. I've read before that many other pregnant mamas have nasal issues, and I am definitely experiencing that this go around. As soon as I lay down my nose stuffs right up every night. I've developed a survival sleep position though: on left side, one arm under pillow, other against face holding nose open, knees bent, no covers because it is really, really hot.

It's so strange to feel the babies roll around inside me when I move. I can feel not just their own movements--kicking and punching--but also their little bodies shift into new positions because I move. When I sit up, I feel them sink down. I feel their kicks and hiccups on my hip bones, and I feel them pull on the muscles near my ribs. I feel them quite often now. And I see random body parts poke up and out. I wish I could guess which parts they are!

Lot's of people have begun asking if I'm in the uncomfortable stage yet and, as you can tell, I suppose I am.   Jackie mentioned that I only have a little bit to go, but I reminded him that I have the hardest part to go. However, as uncomfortable as I am becoming, I am mostly feeling thankful. I am thankful that I have only "normal" complaints. I am happy and healthy and carrying two precious little people into life which makes it all worth it. I feel the Lord's blessings abound on this pregnancy which makes it easy to keep His perspective in mind!

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  1. I feel for you. You look absolutely gorgeous pregnant or not. I struggle with my weight so when I get pregnant I get sooo many ridiculous comments and looks because I am so darn huge. I hate it but hey whatever. I wanted to say sorry because I know I gawk because I am totally fascinated by a twin pregnancy! I have never met or seen anyone pregnant with twins and I think it is twice as amazing a a single pregnancy. Some people (like me) may not know what to say. I know how sensitive I am and I don't want to say the wrong thing to any pregnant woman just like I don't want anyone to say anything wrong to me! lol My point is the other person may feel as awkward as you do. But then there are tons of people (who I feel) are just flat out rude. :P What can you do? Just know that you are still pretty and you are double amazing for carrying double bundles of joy! :)