Wednesday, January 9, 2013

28 Weeks

I am 28 weeks pregnant today. Yesterday was my monthly ultrasound appointment. So far I have gained slightly over 40 pounds! I was delighted that my blood pressure was great and that the twins looked awesome as well. At the end of the ultrasound, the technician said, "Well, the babies are getting FAT!" The average weight for a single baby is around 2 and a quarter pounds, each of the twins weighed around 3 pounds. Apparently the girls enjoyed all the yummy stuff I ate over the holidays! 

I was not so pleased to find that Twin B was now the "presenting" twin and that she was breech. Twin A was head down but slightly sideways. Of course, I'm only 28 weeks and this will likely change but I'm just really hopeful that they will both turn head down allowing for a vaginal hospital delivery.

I am feeling more and more encouraged in the hope that I will have a pre-eclampsia free pregnancy. Everything feels so normal right now. Many people have asked me if a twin pregnancy feels differently than a single pregnancy but, for me, it really hasn't. A bigger belly has been the only difference for me. It was the first thing that I noticed and it continues to be noticeable, shall we say. I continue to get interesting comments from random people but I understand, I suppose. Other challenges of a twin pregnancy? Clothing that fits, obviously. All of my maternity pants are EXTREMELY tightly currently and will not fit for much longer. Very few of my maternity shirts cover my stomach completely and my button-up shirts are starting to pucker! I'm not exactly sure what to do as a larger size just looks strange on me because it doesn't fit my shoulders or bust or height. I guess I need to research what other moms of multiples do! Another upcoming challenge: driving. Being 5'1" I usually need to have the seat pulled all the way up. But now my stomach is starting to get in the way of the steering wheel! What am I going to do when I can't reach the pedals for my stomach? Ha ha ha! My driving days may be numbered!


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