Monday, January 28, 2013

Mardi Gras Decorations

It's Mardi Gras season and I have loved collecting little things to decorate our home with. Here's a few pictures of our decorations.

The wreath on our front door came from Sam's last year. I thought it was an excellent deal since I'd seen several very pricey ones in home stores. I love all the colors and glitter.

I added some ornaments in Mardi Gras colors to the urn on our table then circled it with a boa and added some masks and beads. (Sorry for some reason I couldn't get the picture to turn upright!)

The top of our bookshelf just behind the table holds an umbrella that Keeleigh got at last year's parade, some boas and beads, and--my favorite--a little jester doll from the French Market.

I decorated over the balcony door with beads, a boa, and some masks.

The outside of the balcony door holds the rag wreath I made last year. (Again, couldn't figure out how to get it turned the right way.)

And on the railing around the balcony I put approximately one gazillion beads!

The top railing has lights in gold, purple, and green.

Yes, New Orleans will find any excuse to party, and I'll find any excuse to decorate! 

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