Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

It sounds silly but the new year sort of sneaked up on me. Of course I knew it was coming but shouldn't I have planned an elaborate year end wrap up post? Shouldn't I have prepared for a fun, traditional New Year's Day lunch? Shouldn't I have a long list of resolutions (at least in my head)? Perhaps, but yesterday was December 31st and none of that was to be. I really didn't even think about it being the last day of the old year until the boys finally drug me outside and a friend mentioned resolutions. "Quick! Think of something you need to work on!" I thought to myself. Nothing immediately came to mind certainly not because I think I'm perfect of course. More because I don't fit into the typical resolution mold. I'm not trying to lose weight or quit smoking so what else is there? = P The friend I was talking with led me to a very important conclusion. The best resolution is to desire to grow closer to God because when you do that everything else simply falls into place.

So, resolution? Check.

Still we had no parties to attend, no bubbly champagne glasses sat near by, and I wasn't wearing that sequined dress and high heels I had pictured. I didn't even think to turn the TV on and watch the ball drop. Jackie watched a football game and I played Monopoly on his tablet since the boys had gone to bed relatively early. Eventually, however, our games ended and we ended up next to other in a quiet house. And luckily New Orleans will find any excuse to party (seriously, people started shooting fireworks at 2 that afternoon and didn't stop until about 1 a.m.) so we were treated to a fine fireworks show right from our balcony. Piper woke up just before midnight so she joined us beneath the night sky. Jackie and I getting some time alone was the cake, the fireworks were the icing, and Piper's very presence was the cherry on top. I wish you could have seen the way her eyes sparkled and heard her sweet squeal. I held her tight and my heart laughed. Jackie stood behind us and when we guessed it was midnight by the sudden increase in sparkles and pops, he kissed me. My laughing heart did a back flip. It couldn't have been any better.

Unforgettable moment at midnight? Check.

We definitely didn't have a tradition New Year's Day meal today. Nope, no black eyed peas, greens, and hog jowl for us! In fact it's after 7 p.m. right now it looks like supper is going to consist of cereal and milk. But this morning at church I was delighted to walk in and find that on this Sunday the Lord's Supper would be served. Remember my resolution? A wonderful worship service enjoying the Lord's Supper was a great start to my new year! Sure it's fun to eat traditionally "lucky" foods but who needs luck when you're this blessed?

Maybe next year I'll have a fancy-smancy thoughtful resolution. Maybe I'll wear a shapely sequined dress--okay, maybe I'll at least think to turn the TV on and watch the ball drop. Maybe we'll eat black eyed peas and greens. But this year I'm glad that I was so busy living life that I didn't have to do anything but look around me to see that I have all the bubbly, the fireworks, and good fortune I'll ever need.

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