Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moving the Bookshelf

Alternately titled: When One Expects Too Much From Cardboard and Particle Board

"Well that was harder than I expected it to be" is something I've been saying a lot of lately. Latest case in point? Keep reading.

I've been cleaning out our school room in order to make Piper a room. I'm super excited about this project because I've never had a nursery and I have great *colorful* plans. It hasn't been easy, however. As some of you know I have a craft addiction so I tend to save every little scrap of salvageable trash that might be transformed to treasure. Lots of things have gone to the SWAP shop. Lots of things have gone in the trash. And I've found a new home for lots of other things. Our pantry has become our school closet which I think is going to work out nicely. Almost everything has been cleared out of the school room--everything except two bookshelves. I'd decided to move them into the hall and reorganize them so that each kid would have a shelf for their books on the big bookshelf and the little bookshelf could hold educational toys. I only needed to scoot them a few feet. I've scooted our other bookshelf all over the apartment. Piece of cake, right? Yeah, you would think so.

Then I scooted. Maybe a foot. And the bookshelf started falling apart. The cardboard back apparently wasn't secured well enough to be moved so the shelf began leaning badly. Not good news considering I hadn't bothered to remove anything from the shelf and was there by myself (besides the kids). "Jathan, come quick!" I shouted. Then he held the shelf in place while I ran to get the staple gun. Fast forward a few dozen staples later and I scooted again. This time I got about two feet before the staples loosened and again the shelf started swaying. A few more staples should help, I thought. Then I scooted very carefully thinking I'd push it straight back instead of trying to walk it from side to side. Then I accidentally pushed on the cardboard backing. Then I had to start all over. I'm pretty sure it was at this point that I screamed  exclaimed loudly, "THIS IS RIDICULOUS." Our balcony door was open so I apologize to anyone who might have been alarmed outside. I'm not crazy. Well, I am, but not in any sort of dangerous way.

Any-way. Luckily I was fairly close to the wall I wanted it on by then and Jathan held it in place again while I ran for the hammer and some tacks. He leaned against one side while I tried to hold the other side and hammer at the same time. Finally I got it stable and in place. Then I noticed that I'd hammered it in place crooked. Lovely.

So now I have a crooked, but entirely stable bookshelf and a good reason not to buy furniture from Wal-mart anymore. ; )

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