Monday, January 30, 2012

Piper's Pad

At the end of last semester Jackie told me that instead of finishing in December of 2012 as we'd thought, he didn't expect to graduate until May 2013. I'd sort of hinged a lot of things on being here only one more year. My thought was that I could handle our crappy mattress one more year and it wouldn't be so bad having Piper in our room for one more year and so on and so forth. But 18 MONTHS? That's a different story. Don't ask me why. (Because I don't know; I'm just crazy like that!)

So I decided to just lose our school room in favor of making Piper her own room. I moved all of our school supplies into our pantry beside our dining room area so now we can easily sit at the table and still have access to all of our school supplies. Then I started working on Piper's room!

I chose a jungle theme mainly because I couldn't find any owl-themed bedding that I liked that would fit our crib. I loved the colors in the bedding--pink and lime green and orange. I chose orange to be the wall color because it's one of my favorite colors. We ordered the matching border and Jackie put it up for me.

I got a couple of canvases and my friend, Amanda, showed me how to cover them with some cute zebra fabric and I embellished one with a shape I'd gotten at Hobby Lobby. Amanda also found that cute zebra print lampshade for me. I added some pom poms around the bottom just for a little extra pop.

I also found that cute little "P" at Hobby Lobby and used a 40% off coupon to get it. Yea!

The main reason I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby in the first place was to find the little wooden shapes like the one I embellished the canvas with. I'd seen a mobile on Etsy and knew I could make a version of it myself instead of dishing out the $30 for it. Unfortunately there isn't a Hobby Lobby near us but fortunately there was a restaurant near the one in Covington so Jackie suggested we go to that one! Worked for me. I got to get all of the supplies I needed for the mobile and I got a huge bacon cheeseburger to boot. ; )

On the wall beside the window I hung my free canvas from and a project idea that I'd seen on Pinterest: a button initial.

What did we do before Pinterest?!

The second night that Piper slept in her room she slept 6 hours straight which was the longest she'd ever slept in her little life. I *thought* that perhaps she simply loved her new room and had decided to start sleeping for her mama but no such luck. It must have been a fluke because she's back to her usually waking every 2-3 hours. I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead, right? = )

Ah, well. At least I get to go get her from her fabulous new room now! Oh and I'm on the look out for some sort of chair (ideally a rocker or glider) to go in the corner of her room so I could just sit in there and nurse her when she gets up. So to all my SWAP shopping/Goodwilling friends out there, let me know if you find a good deal somewhere!

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