Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sanctity of Life Sunday

This morning at church I learned that today is Sanctity of Life Sunday, a day of recognition of the value of human life first instituted by Ronald Reagan. Our church flyer talked about it and shared the remarkable story of a young woman who has recently joined our church. Last year she found herself pregnant with her third child and made an appointment to have an abortion. God worked in several ways (including the closing of the abortion clinic) to save her unborn child who turned out to be a beautiful little girl that I got to see today. The baby's big sister is in Ryland's Sunday school class (where I'm a helper) and is so sweet. I feel so fortunate to have gotten to know this story; I know so many stories go unheard!

That's why I wanted to share a little bit of my story. 13 years ago I was 15 years old and pregnant. Of course it was heartbreaking to my parents and family. An abortion would have been completely acceptable, understandable, and even welcomed. And although I considered myself a Christian at that time, I was certainly an immature one at best. Still, something inside me knew that this being inside me--this "clump of cells"--was important. I loved her before I'd ever even seen her.

And then I saw her.

I was 8 or 9 weeks pregnant (well within the accepted time period when a woman can abort her baby). The blurry, black and white image flashed on the screen. I could clearly make out her little body with flailing arms and kicking legs and strong heartbeat. Emotion washed over me. I don't believe I'll forget that moment if I live 100 years. 

The last 13 years have not been easy. They have not been what I thought they would be. There have been many times when I've wanted to give up. I have made many, many mistakes (with more to come) as her mother. But there is no doubt in my mind that I got one thing right. I gave life a chance. And she changed my life forever. 

Thank You, God, for letting me in on this miracle.

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