Friday, March 30, 2012

Photo Friday

The last week of March 2012! Wow, time is flying! This week...

Last Friday Jathan's buddy, Jacque, joined us for supper. These silly boys were happy to get to utilize the tv trays.

Saturday after I realized at 5 p.m. that I hadn't defrosted the chicken, I texted Jackie and said, "Why don't we just eat out tonight?" = ) We went to Carretta's, home of our favorite tacos.

Also on Saturday, I continued my new ritual of taking the time to paint my nails. This week I went for high shine sparkle!

Piper looked adorable in her Sunday best. Here she is posing a little for me before church. Would you believe she didn't so much as touch her hat?

Monday must have been a hard day for Ryland because he was so tuckered out that he couldn't even eat his supper. He took a little siesta on the couch. Doesn't he look so cute all kicked back and relaxed?

On Tuesday I got to watch LeeAnna while her big sister went to the dentist. We played out on the breezeway and Eden Mae joined us. At one point a (Korean) lady came up the stairs to visit my neighbor. Upon seeing all of the children playing she said, "Oh my!" I wonder if she thought they were all mine? Ha ha.

Wednesday, I let Piper have free reign of the house while we tried to do our school work. She went exploring and found the book shelf in the hall. When Jathan saw the mess that she'd made, he exclaimed, "PIPER JAMES!" See, James is Ryland's middle name and he gets called by it quite often. I had to teach Jathan Piper's middle name to use when she needs scolding.


Later Wednesday Keeleigh and I helped Fuel the Future. This is a ministry at our church which distributes food to children who don't have adequate food in their homes over their weekend away from school (and school lunches). Each week over 100 bags go out to children at risk for hunger. I love, love, love our church's heart for missions!

The boys made king's crowns (it's "k" week at Combs Christian Academy) with the shape of the week, diamonds. When we paused for a quick pic, Keeleigh grabbed her tiara and hopped in the shot.

On Thursday I managed to get a shot of Piper flashing her new pearly whites. She has begun to get four teeth all at once this month!

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This morning Jathan was supposed to be using his alphabet builders (download a free copy for yourself by clicking here) to build a letter "K" but he said, "Can I show you something first?" He'd made a happy person. Love it.

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