Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snakes and Snail and Puppy Dog Tails

Last week it rained for several days straight here. I, for one, loved it. In fact I was considering how lovely it would be to live in Seattle and always have the promise of drizzle on the windowpane. Others do not share my passion for wet weather, however, and when the sun finally came out on Friday everyone was ready to hit the playground. Unfortunately, in case you hadn't heard, we have a little flooding problem in NOLA and the playground is no exception. My friend, Melissa, had been letting Jathan play at her house with his best buddy, Jacque. She texted me and said they were headed to the playground and wanted to know if she should send Jathan up or let him play warning me that boys cannot NOT play in the mud. Of course it was okay with me if he got a little dirty, 'cause you know I'm cool like that. I grabbed my camera and headed downstairs with Ryland to let him join in the fun. When I got to the bottom floor, this is what I saw:

Jathan was having a blast as I expected he would and Ryland was quick to jump in.

Then they headed to the moat around the merry go round where several other kids were already sloshing around several of whom voluntarily swore to me that their parents told them it was okay, ha ha.


It's good to know I'm not the only cool mom around here. = P

Honestly, seeing that boyish mischief plastered all over Jathan's face made the whole muddy mess worth it.

Of course, clean fun must surely follow dirty fun so we headed upstairs to wash up. Ryland was very happy to get a warm shower!

All clean! (And BTW, here's where Sunday's mohawk look came from for those of you who saw him at church!)

Next it was Jathan's turn.

And then it was time to cuddle up on the couch!

I've ALWAYS been a girly girl. I'm told that I would cry when I was little if I got dirt under my nails. But boy oh boy do I enjoy having my two little mud pie makers! Thank Heaven for little boys.


  1. I've never been what I would call a girly girl but, other than on the softball field, I've always hated getting dirty. Momma's told me I wouldn't even play in a sandbox and the only times I remember playing in the sand at home I'd use a hoe so I didn't have to touch the dirt. LOL! I actually cringed at some of the pics with them standing so deep in the mud. :) Glad you're a cool mom and let them play in the mud since they love it so much though.

  2. i just moved from new orleans to portland...i share your passion for wet weather :)