Monday, March 19, 2012

Sewing Projects

Earlier this week a neighbor came up to me on the playground and asked if I'd help fit his daughter for her dance costume; she needed measuring. "Someone told me you sew," he said. I tried not to laugh. I do sew. But I also use my seam ripper a lot and have never used a pattern correctly. I'd also never actually measured anyone for something that would have to be worn in public. = )

Mainly I craft. I cut. I embellish. Sew? Well, I do have a board on Pinterest!  (I also have an exercise board but that doesn't seem to be helping me get fit.) And I'm trying. I'm dilly dallying here and there with little projects trying to make cute things. Pinterest is helping me out in that department. It's a great motivation having a little girl to make things for. So a few weeks ago I made a couple of dresses. Sort of. I actually just added some stuff to onesies which turned them into dresses but I used a sewing machine so that counts, right?

So one of the things I did was follow the tutorial on this blog to make a cute little t-shirt dress--all from old t-shirts so the cost for this project was $0 since I already had everything! Since Piper is a baby and crawling all around I wanted to leave the bottom of a onesie intact to cover her bottom so I skipped the part where you cut off the top shirt.


Somehow I didn't get a great picture of her in it but here's one of us together when she had it on. It was super her. So summer. Probably going to experiment and make more of these.


Oh, and see that flower embellishment? I used another tutorial I found on Pinterest to make it out of some of the same t-shirt fabric as one of the stripes on the dress. So easy and so cute. And it looked even cuter after it got washed!


Project #2 also used a onesie as a starting point. I added a skirt and embellished it with a yo yo and a button. I think it came out okay but want to learn how to use elastic thread to gather it instead of trying to do pleats. 

BTW isn't it funny how red Piper's hair looks in that picture? Maybe it will really turn red. That would be beautiful with her hazel eyes!

So that's the extent of my sewing lately! What sewing (or other) projects have yall been working on?

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