Saturday, March 17, 2012

Project 365

March Weeks 2 & 3

Sleep softly and carry a big stick.

A pterodactyl came to breakfast.

Ryland's discovery: shadow play.

Piper standing with ease, enjoying the busy box. Pulling all the things out of the busy box is an activity, right?

I love moments like this. The kids all gathered around the basket of books I'd left out and started reading together.

Obligatory shot of Daddy holding Baby precariously.

My favorite photo from Bellingrath Gardens.

Interesting hair styles by Keeleigh.

Picnicking on the balcony.

Tshirt dress project.

Little Bear: "I'm your Little Bear."
Ryland: *shakes bears hand* "Hi, Little Bear."

Me and Piper pretending its 1950 something driving to pick Daddy up from the library.

Rainy day fun.

One of Keeleigh's favorites:  orange chicken at Panda Express.

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