Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's Up With That?

When I choose something to wear, I take the hanger off the rod, remove the article of clothing from it, then hang it with other empty hangers so that when I go to hang things back up all I have to do is grab the entire group of hangers.

However, when Jackie chooses something to wear his hangers end up like this:

That means I have to dig them all out in order to have enough hangers to hang his clean clothes up. It first occurred to me that perhaps because he doesn't hang the clothes back up that it simply doesn't occur to him to put them in one neat place. But then I thought that even if I weren't hanging up the clothes I would be afraid to just pull the shirt off the hanger with it still hanging up because it could break.

Then I thought, maybe it's weird that I think so much about this that I've created an entire blog post about it. Nah. Totally normal, I'm sure.

I know that I'm not the only wife who faces this dilemma so guys, what's up with that?


  1. Oops! I have to admit that I am more like Jackie. I pull the cloths off the hanger then have to go find hangers when I need them :)

  2. It appears I'm more alone in my hanger style than I imagined.