Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Five Months

Brooklyn and Braelyn are 5 months old! They are definitely starting to lose that newborn look--they're big girls now!

Brooklyn continues to have such a sweet disposition! When she smiles, her little eyes twinkle, and she just wiggles with delight. She thinks Jathan is so funny and will laugh out loud at him! She has been working on motor skills this month reaching and grabbing; time in the bouncy seat has been fun since she has discovered toys! Although I thought Braelyn was going to roll over first, Brooklyn finally got that leg kicked over earlier this week! 

Though I would still classify Braelyn as a high needs girls, she has settled down a good bit. She no longer screams the entire time she is in her carseat. Although she frequently blesses us with her beautiful wide mouthed grins, we've only gotten a couple of chuckles out of her so far. This month she rolled from her tummy to her back and is working hard on rolling from back to tummy. She has also developed a real love affair with her feet. At first she just stared at them with admiration but has recently progressed into expressing her love with bold affection! Luckily I think this is a long term relationship, lol.

Both the girls are still exclusively breastfed although they are really beginning to wiggle with excitement at the dinner table! We are encouraging baby led weaning and with their motor skills really developing, I bet they'll be grabbing food soon! 

Brooklyn and Braelyn went to their first VBS this summer where they made these sweet little bibs. We are fortunate to have so many people within our church who love and care for them (and all the kids!). 

Speaking of people who love and care for them, my mom and dad have been keeping the babies, Ryland, and Piper for a couple of hours each morning so that Keeleigh, Jathan, and I can have some individual time to do school. It's been so great having such consistent help! 

I can't believe the next update will be SIX months--a whole half a year! Who knows what feats they will have achieved by then!

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